Congreso Internacional de Educación Online 2023

The advancement of multimedia technologies has played an essential role in the design of study programs; educators can integrate tools that help present course content and thus meet teaching objectives in conjunction with increasing engagement, motivation, and content retention. Educators, instructional designers, and decision-makers are involved in evaluating multimedia technologies to incorporate them into the curricula. Those interested in integrating them require information regarding their advantages and disadvantages. Augmented reality is a technological and multimedia tool evaluated in many studies and experiments. The advantages and disadvantages of its use in education and study programs of different kinds have been elucidated.
My investigation aims to present the obstacles and challenges of AR to be incorporated into the study programs found in the related literature. The findings show that AR has many virtues. However, it is a complex technology to integrate due to the number of obstacles, requirements, and constant support.
To present my research, I had the opportunity to participate as a speaker at the 4th International Congress on Online Education, which took place on June 15, 2023. The congress was attended by 26 speakers from 12 countries who analyzed online education and shared the keys to facing the challenges of institutional success in a hyperconnected world.
Learning from experts worldwide about the latest online education trends was a fantastic opportunity.
The congress is still available to see in the following link:

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