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Augmented Reality in the Classroom

During my teaching experiences, I have often contemplated the potential benefits of providing students with live demonstrations to complement my explanations. While videos and infographics can effectively convey concepts such as dinosaurs’ enormity or planetary orbits’ mechanics, a live demonstration’s impact would undoubtedly impress and enhance student motivation and engagement. However, logistical and temporal constraints make it impractical for me to transport students to prehistoric eras or directly observe planets in orbit.

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Congreso Internacional de EducaciĆ³n Online 2023

The advancement of multimedia technologies has played an essential role in the design of study programs; educators can integrate tools that help present course content and thus meet teaching objectives in conjunction with increasing engagement, motivation, and content retention. Educators, instructional designers, and decision-makers are involved in evaluating multimedia technologies to incorporate them into the curricula. Those interested in integrating them require information regarding their advantages and disadvantages. Augmented reality is a technological and multimedia tool evaluated in many studies and experiments. The advantages and disadvantages of its use in education and study programs of different kinds have been elucidated.

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